Our customer can rest assured that on the day they place the order, products are still growing or where harvested not more that 2 days prior.

After picking it is packed within 24 hours and send by refrigerated trucks to our ISO 22000 certified logistics provider.  There it is kept in cold storage or directly delivered to our customers. 

All our products are hand picked and packed in agricultural areas. 


All our produces are produced using limited or no agricultural chemicals or pesticides. Where possible we make use of insect traps and insect trap lights to reduce the necessity for the use of insecticides. 

We only source from reputable suppliers with packaging facilities that adheres to strict health standards as stipulated by international HACCP principles.

The use of all fertilisers are screened for the presence of any heavy metals or chemical substances that could potentially be harmful to our customers.

All irrigation water are tested to ensure it is safe for use on the plants.  In addition we grow our produce in hydroponics or drip irrigation systems. This reduces the risk of any “dirty” water falling on our produce.

Our products are tested regularly to ensure compliance to international safety standards for bacteria, heavy metals and any chemical or pesticide residue. Rest assured that our product is safe and nutritious

Environmentally friendly

All the produce we supply are packaged in paper packaging. 

All our products are packed at source,  no additional packaging, repacking or redundant packaging are used.

All our produce are transported by road. This means a reduction in carbon emissions or carbon foot print.

All waste water is treated in an artificially made wetland area that allows for the removal of excess nitrates, phosphates and sedimentation from the water before it is allowed back into the natural ecosystem. 

We make use of local fauna and flora in the wetland to achieve water filtration.

All our farm production implements Good Agricultural Practices. These practices  focus on being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our Production
Healthy to me Healthy to the Environment

Statistics has shown that cumulative, the world has produced more than one tonne of plastic for every person alive today. An estimated 55 percent of this plastic waste was discarded and not reused ( We as Soul Green aim to do our bit to reduce this number. Together we can make a difference

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